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I’ve Got Car, Home, Travel, Gadget + Pet Insurance – Why Should I Insure Myself?

I’ve Got Car, Home, Travel, Gadget + Pet Insurance – Why Should I Insure Myself?

Every day we surround ourselves with things we like and people we love, we work hard to protect those important to us and keep them safe. We also insure the things most valuable to us: house, cars, pets, gadgets and even our travel. But have you insured yourself? How valuable are you to your family? What if something happened to or your partner, how would those left behind cope? Would it not be wiser to not insure something else and instead insure yourself?

I worked in financial services for 12+ years (yes me Paul, editor of this blog). If there was one thing I learnt in that time, it was the value of seeking independent advice when seeking a mortgage or life insurance product.

Why should you seek independent advice?

– An independent adviser will source the whole market for your best buy mortgage or life insurance cover;

– An Independent will do the shopping around for you to get you the best value deal;

– An Independent adviser will have access to special products that are not found on the high street;

– An Independent will understand your needs and ensure you have the correct cover for your needs;

– An Independent will help with all the paperwork and explain any small print;

– ‘Independent’ means your adviser is not tied to any one lender or insurance provider;

– With independent you will get bespoke advice resulting in life insurance that properly covers you – not the throwaway policies sold for 10p a week as sold at the local supermarket;

– A comparison website is not independent and does not read the policy or check the cover meets your needs;

Insure what you love.

You are more important than your car, so please priorities yourself for your families sake! If it’s a budget issue – ask your independent adviser to see if they can save you money or consolidate your existing financial commitments (loans, debts, mortgages, insurances). Alternatively, your adviser can obtain quotes to suit your budget. Some cover is better than none!

Your job is to insure your life to protect your family, don’t make it someone else’s job to tell them you didn’t have any!

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