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Can you guess the top questions new parents ask Google Assistant?


Michelle Stein

posted in Parenting

When I brought home my first baby from the hospital, I realized pretty quickly that I had more questions than I did answers.

How much milk does my baby need?

Is it normal for my newborn to sleep this much during the day?

How often should my breastfed baby be pooping?

Why is my newborn spitting up so much?

Of course, I had read about newborn care throughout my pregnancy. But “mom brain” had a way of blanking out the details while I was in the trenches of sleep deprivation and attempting to soothe a crying baby. That’s why I think having hands-free access to the answers I so desperately needed would have been marvelous.

Unfortunately for me, there was no such thing as Google Home — or any voice-activated speakers, for that matter — back in 2011. (Heck, I didn’t even have a smartphone yet!) But today? Moms and dads today are definitely using this technology to their advantage. In a news release, Google has crafted a list of top-searched baby questions that new parents are asking the Google Assistant. If you’ve recently welcomed a baby, it might sound pretty darn familiar:

Baby biology 101

  • “OK Google, how do I know if my baby’s eating enough?”
  • “OK Google, what colors can my baby see?”

Mastering the basics

  • “OK Google, set a reminder for 30 minutes from now: Baby needs medicine.”
  • “OK Google, what are the essentials to put in my diaper bag?”

From bottle to diaper.

  • “OK Google, how often should a baby be pooping?”
  • “OK Google, add diapers to the shopping list?”

Queries after 3 a.m.

  • “OK Google, play white noise”
  • “OK Google, how long should a newborn sleep for?

Is this normal?

  • “OK Google, How much does a newborn eat
  • “OK Google, why is my baby so hairy?

Ugh, yes! I never thought I’d be so fixated on another person’s pooping, eating and sleeping schedules. However, caring for a tiny human has a way of eliciting some of the most detailed inquiries about both. White noise by request would have been so convenient, as well — along with setting a timer for feedings and crafting a baby supply shopping list.

It’s interesting, too, to see that new parents today have pretty much the same concerns as I did with my now 6-year-old. Technology may always be changing. But parents’ desire to provide the best for their children never will.

What do you think of this list? Have you used this technology for your new-parent questions?

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