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Ask the Expert: Why don’t vendors share exact prices?

Not too long ago, we asked all of you to participate in a reader survey. We wanted to know what stories and content you would like to see on our site. When we reviewed the results, we realized many of you want to see vendors’ specific prices. But here’s the thing: Sharing exact prices is not always a possibility. To help you get a better understanding for why, we chatted with Debby Jewesson of Branching Out Events. 

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Why are floral and design vendors hesitant to share prices publicly?

Debby Jewesson: Like most luxury floral and design companies, Branching Out designs a custom proposal for each client, tailored to their individual style. Pricing for each decor item is determined by a long list of factors: floral selection, scale of impact, and level of customization, to name a few. The unique combination of these variables makes it virtually impossible to create a price list that assigns a flat price to a menu of items. 

Gaining a full understanding of what our client wants requires the investment of time in a face-to-face consultation, talking, and emoting about inspiration, likes, and even dislikes. Only then can we design a floral and decor plan that builds on their vision and best allocates their funds to give them what they need.  

The many factors to consider when pricing and designing an event make for one complex puzzle. And for each unique Branching Out client, it’s a puzzle we genuinely love solving. 

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