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Stressed About Wedding Planning? Zone Out at The Ozone Bar

Once the excitement about your engagement subsides, the planning begins–setting a date, booking a venue and caterer, choosing flowers, cake tasting, and wedding dress shopping. For many brides, finding time for self-care, health, and beauty make the to-do list. Wedding planning is fun, yes, but it can also be stressful. Sometimes a bride just needs a break. At The Ozone Bar in Dallas, brides not only get a break, but an opportunity to improve their health as well.

The Ozone Bar is a serene, fresh, state-of-the-art facility that provides the ultimate in ozone therapy through the latest ozone saunas. An effective form of alternative medicine, ozone therapy benefits the body by strengthening the immune system, and stimulating white blood cells. Ozone has long been used to treat ailments around the world. While there are more than 100 proven health benefits to ozone therapy, its primary benefit is to promote healthy living through detoxing, increasing circulation, and stimulating blood cells for optimal energy output and nutrient absorption. And because of the therapy’s coveted natural purification and detoxification process, clients of The Ozone Bar have noticed an unexpected added benefit—a loss of inches–simply by sitting and relaxing. It has become a bonus for brides hoping to slim down prior to their big day.

You can’t help but relax from the moment you arrive at The Ozone Bar. Soaking up the fresh, clean, bright atmosphere is step one of the journey. Laura Harbison, owner, worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 23 years before opening The Ozone Bar in February and applied her healthcare knowledge when designing and planning The Ozone Bar. She says clients choose ozone therapy here for a variety of reasons—from skin improvement to relaxation to burning calories. “While The Ozone Bar is new, the health benefits of ozone therapy are not,” Harbison says. “Ozone therapy helps purify the body from within by releasing toxins. It just so happens that clients are noticing some reduced inches and smoother, tighter skin as well, as the sauna burns 400 to 600 calories per session. It is a very Zen-like treatment that promotes stress reduction, an energy boost, and overall wellness.”

Clients can choose from a variety of saunas and machines to try, each with a slightly different purpose, or select a customized package for maximum benefits. Using the saunas is easy. A team member from The Ozone Bar will describe what each machine does, provide instructions and an overview, dim the lights, change the television channel to your current favorite binge, and leave you to sit back and enjoy while the ozone does its work. They bring in cold water to sip on throughout the 30-minute session and periodically check the sauna’s temperature for both comfort and efficacy. On your way out, be sure to peruse The Ozone Bar’s carefully curated selection of all-natural supplements and skincare products to keep the glow going until “I do.”

On the Menu:

HOCATT. The HOCATT sauna, the gold standard of ozone therapy, is the only sauna on the market that uses transdermal ozone, Co2/carbonic acid, far infrared, pure oxygen, red light/color therapy, and microcurrents to give the most collective response for better results. The Ozone Bar is home to one of only two HOCATT saunas in Dallas. Although the HOCATT carries a heftier price tag per session, it’s also the one that yields the most effective results.

INFRARED SAUNA. The Ozone Bar’s signature infrared sauna delivers far, mid, and near-infrared, maximizing health benefits and results. The infrared sauna promotes cell turnover and combats high blood pressure, weight gain, pain, and heavy metals in the body. Enjoy your session alone or bring a friend who can use the adjoining room’s sauna and talk wedding details while you both sweat it all out.

DERMASHAPE. Most clients at The Ozone Bar, including brides to be, add Dermashape to their ozone therapy treatments. Dermashape from Ederra Beauty Concepts Inc. is an innovative device that supports and enhances the body’s lymphatic system for the effective drainage of fat content and for many, is a game-changing treatment for cellulite. Many clients opt for this treatment to aid in fat loss and cellulite reduction along with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

To learn more about how ozone therapy can become a part of your beauty regime leading up to your wedding day, visit or call 214.964.0760. The Ozone Bar is located at 5360 West Lovers Lane, Suite 210 in Dallas.

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