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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips and Tricks With Warren Barrón

There’s a certain amount of stress and anxiety that comes with finding “the one.” How do you know which silhouette, skirt style, neckline, and fabric is right for you? Where should you shop and who should you bring? How will you know when you’ve found the perfect match? 

Worry not: We sat down with Elle Warren Harman, owner of Warren Barrón Bridal, and gathered a few of their wedding dress shopping tips and tricks in order to make your process as easy and breezy as it should be. 

Tip 1: Quality Over Quantity 

When it comes to your bridal entourage, Warren Barrón is a big believer that less is more: “If you must bring more than just your mom or sister, make sure it is someone whose opinion you genuinely value,” Harman says. Instead of being overwhelmed with everyone else’s opinion, make sure your ladies are “team bride” and have your best interest in mind. 

Tip 2: Be Open to Different Styles

Filing through bridal magazines in search of dress inspiration can be great when trying to narrow down what kind of bride you want to be, but be sure to stay open to different styles. “I would say that the majority of our brides leave with a completely different look than they came in looking for,” Harman says “Just know that it is OK to change your mind. You have never been a bride before, so your bridal style may differ from your everyday style.”

Tip 3: Research Where You Shop

Regardless of your budget, make sure you’re scheduling consultations with a reputable shop that is going to ensure an informed and positive experience. “At Warren Barrón, we really are a family, and we want our brides to feel like our family, too,” Harman says. “We want Warren Barrón to be an escape for the bride and to see it as a break from the other stresses that come with planning a wedding.”

Tip 4: Beware of Common Misconceptions

Every bride dreams of her “say yes to the dress” moment, but sometimes that moment doesn’t come in the way they had always hoped. However, “that doesn’t mean they haven’t found the perfect gown; they just might experience their ‘moment’ differently,” Harman says. “No two brides are the same, so why would their ‘say yes to the dress’ experience be the same as well?”

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