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A Real Bride’s Why: How She Picked Her Wedding Planner

Second only to picking the person you marry is deciding who will plan your special day. With an ever-growing market of options, selecting a wedding planner can become a contested process. Where should you even start? We talked to local bride Olivia Whittaker-Mangrum, who wed on June 1, 2019, at the Adolphus, to hear how she sifted through the options and landed on her perfect match, Events By Kristen. 

D Weddings: When looking for a wedding planner, what was the first step you took? 

Olivia Mangrum: The first resource I checked were friends for recommendations. Secondly, I checked bridal websites like D Weddings and Brides (as well as Googling). Lastly, I checked Instagram. With that being said, at every step of the way I had Instagram in use, so if I heard of a great wedding planner from a friend or bridal publication, I went straight to Instagram to check their most recent pictures and overall style. 

DW: What characteristics were you looking for in a wedding planner?

OM: I knew out of any wedding vendor, I’d be interacting with my wedding planner the most, so when it came to picking a planner I prioritized their style, their experience, their price point, whether or not I felt like they understood my vision, and someone who I knew I could get along well with. I looked for someone who I felt was reliable, detail-oriented, innovative in solving problems, passionate about their work, and had enough time to devote to our wedding.

DW: What did the process of hiring a wedding planner look like? Did you interview several? Just read about them on their website?

OM: I started out researching several and had about eight to 10 planners I was considering at the beginning of the process. Then, I narrowed it down to about five or six after conducting phone interviews and gathering more information on price point, availability, style, and service style (day-of, partial, full, etc.). After digging through Instagram, wedding planners’ websites, and reviews, I ended up meeting two wedding planners for in-person interviews and deciding on one from there.

DW: How did you land on Events by Kristin?

OM: I actually had her recommended to me by another local wedding planner, which I love and think is so awesome.

DW: If you were giving another bride advice for picking a wedding planner, what would you tell her?

OM: Think about what they really need out of a wedding planner—whether that be someone to make every decision for you or someone to simply bounce ideas off of. Do you need someone to coordinate every vendor and detail of your wedding, or do you simply want someone to coordinate the activities that take place on the day of your wedding? Do you want to be able to contact them whenever at an unlimited amount of times, or do you feel like you only need to be in touch with them a few times out of the month? Before investing in a wedding planner, definitely make sure you know where your money is going so you can best evaluate what you need and ultimately what’s worth it.

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