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Blue Peter Your Garden To Make It Easy and Interesting For Kids to See the Wildlife

Blue Peter Your Garden To Make It Easy and Interesting For Kids to See the Wildlife

It’s time to get the kids outside. Stop allowing them to sit in front of screens and live in a virtual reality world and instead let’s give them a place to explore outside. This can be done right in your own garden.

Create your own little wildlife sanctuary and attract nature to your garden so your children can see what the outdoors has to offer. Here is how:

1. Provide Food, Water and Shelter

Animals are not looking for the biggest square foot home they can find. They simply need a safe haven from other predators and a place that’s abundant in food and water. So bird feeders and bird baths with plenty of bright flowers with pollen and nectar for butterflies and birds is a great way to start. Use hanging plants and window boxes. Some rocks and brush can provide shelter for many animals, or just putting up a bird house. With the right plants and a source of water, you might just attract a nice family of birds. Get the binoculars and play bird spotting.

2. Native Plants

You have a better chance of keeping things alive that naturally do well in your area’s climate and soil. Remember, before there were cities there was land. You might need to do a little research to discover the best plants to plant, but you can do it. Even using hanging plants and pots and window boxes is still going to attract native wildlife. You might be surprised what you can see in even the busiest of cities when you bring a little of nature’s natural habitat right into your own environment.

3. No to Chemicals

Of course, you don’t want all of your hard work to be for nothing and there are bugs don’t want eating up your garden and to destroy what you have created. But you also don’t want to kill the wildlife you’re trying to attract with your garden. That defeats the whole purpose. So use more natural pesticides to get rid of the bugs. Natural fertilisers and compost not only do great things for your garden but can also help deter unwanted bugs. Embrace mulch. This will help reduce your watering time and is good for the soil as well.

When planting a garden, make sure the kids are involved. Bamboo sticks to tie things up. Planting in compost bags (tomato plants, runner beans etc). You will be amazed how far a £10 investment will go. Recycle household items to make interesting pots, traps and nests. The children will be more excited about seeing the wildlife because they did something to help make it happen. And if done right, then you’ll be seeing plenty of wildlife right in the comfort of your own home.You can achieve some pretty amazing things when planting and nurturing the right things in your garden, in the sunshine with your children.

Comments and tips appreciated and I will keep updating this article.

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