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Why I'm not rushing to lose the baby weight


Ashleigh Evans

posted in Parenting

At 6 weeks postpartum I joined Weight Watchers. I was all like “yeahhh, let’s get my body back!” And then I started counting points. Scanning, weighing, portioning out food. Repeat. So on top of being exhausted from having 3 kids, a BABY and a busy work schedule, I was trying to be healthy.

Don’t you hate when you see a magazine cover with a celebrity new mom and “how she got her body back!”? She probably has more help than I’ve ever had in my entire life, including a personal chef, trainer, a nanny or two…how is anyone even supposed to compare their lives to that?!

I'm not ready to lose my baby weight! Via @Babycenter & @Adashofevans

After 2 weeks of attempting Weight Watchers, I had a revelation: I don’t want to do this right now. Yup, that’s right –I’m not ready to care about my weight. Obviously, I want to be healthy for my kids… but I can’t focus enough for Weight Watchers yet. Plus, the holiday season is meant for enjoyment. Eggnog, cookies, indulgent feasts –I’m game!

I walk quite a bit, with a 8,000 steps per day average and I lug around a 15 pound 3-month old. It’s not like I’m sitting on the couch watching Bravo. Since I cook 98 percent of the meals in our house, I know we are eating relatively healthy. But if I want to eat ice cream after a long day, I’m going to without worries.

My extra squish is perfect for cuddling a fussy baby. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to look at photos of myself. But when I do actually see a candid photo, I can see how happy I look. Thankfully it’s winter and layers with leggings are totally acceptable until my regular clothes fit.

It’s frustrating to see all of the pressure new mothers have from the outside world about their appearance. I’ve felt it with all 3 pregnancies and it’s so unfair. We have gone though crazy changes in our body, both physical and hormonal, and for people to put body image issues upon us is sad.

I'm not ready to lose my baby weight! Via @Babycenter & @Adashofevans

I am so fortunate all of the body pressure is internal for me. My husband couldn’t care less if I have an extra 25 pounds. He sees how busy my day is and how much I care for our kiddos. I rarely take a moment for myself. Just yesterday it took far to long for me to pinpoint my last decent shower.

I’m sure when the holiday season is over, I’ll be ready to try working out a day or two a week again. Or start counting points to get back on track –but until then, I’m enjoying my baby…weight and all. He’s growing so quickly already!

Have you ever felt pressure to lose the baby weight?

I'm not ready to lose my baby weight! Via @Babycenter & @Adashofevans

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