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13 ways waiting to go into labor is like hoping that cute guy will call

13 ways waiting to go into labor is like hoping that cute guy will call


Melissa Willets

posted in Pregnancy

For me, waiting to go into labor has been the most brutal form of anticipation there is. I have no idea when it will happen, but it’s all I am thinking about. It basically controls my life.

Last night I got to thinking how the last time I felt this on edge waiting for something to happen, was back when I was dating, and had given a guy I liked my number. Obsessing over when he would call, unfortunately, would rule my world.

Here’s how hoping your labor will start is like waiting for that guy to pick up his phone.

1 – It’s torture.

2 – It never happens when you think it will.

3 – Instead, it’ll happen when you least expect it to, which is so, so frustrating because you’re always hoping it will happen.

Waiting for a guy to call be like...

4 – The anticipation could kill you.

5 – You can’t think about ANYTHING except the phone ringing or contractions starting.

6 – You do everything you can to distract yourself from obsessing over when your labor will kick in, or when the guy is finally going to pick up his phone to dial you.

7 – No matter what you do to keep yourself busy, the truth is, you are still thinking about when it will finally happen.

8 – You are, at times, completely convinced he will never call. Or that you will NEVER go into labor.

9 – You look for signs. If this happens, he’ll call. If that happens, your baby will be born today.

10 – You can only get your mind off it for a few moments at a time. Then it’s back to tormenting yourself.

11 – If the phone rings and it’s not him, your depression deepens. Kind of like how if you have a few contractions, but they taper off, your excitement fades into total despair that you aren’t going to get to hold your baby in your arms yet.

12 – Each morning you wake up and CANNOT believe you are still pregnant.

Still pregnant

… Or that he didn’t call!

13 – Each night you are hopeful that the next day will be THE DAY.

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