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After 4 boys, I had to find out this baby's gender ASAP

After 4 boys, I had to find out this baby's gender ASAP


Whitney Barthel

posted in Pregnancy

With my four boys, I have tried both finding out their gender at the anatomy scan and remaining team green the whole pregnancy. With my fourth son, Charlie, we did not find out his sex until he was born. Unfortunately, at the time I was 100 percent certain he was a girl. I packed my hospital bag full of bows, purple sleepers, and a beautifully soft pink blanket. And, for the small chance he was a boy, one yellow outfit.


I don’t need to tell you I was completely shocked when the doctor pulled out yet another boy. In fact, I pretty much lost my mind.

baby gender

Of course Charlie is wonderful and I am totally over the shock, but with my current (fifth and final) pregnancy I decided there would be no surprises. My husband and I agreed we would be finding out this baby’s gender as soon as possible.

I thought this would mean waiting for the 20-week ultrasound as my insurance does not cover genetic testing. Then, something I have never heard of started popping up all over in the February and March birth boards on BabyCenter CommunitySneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test [note that this is not a sponsored post — I’m just a fan of the service].

Apparently moms were finding out their babies gender at 9 weeks of gestation with amazing accuracy (almost 100 percent), and for less than $100.

Wait, what?! I had to try this. So, I did.

The test is super easy to order. You can buy it both off the SneakPeek site, or off Amazon.

The blood draw looks pretty easy. Personally, I opted to get my blood drawn from a phlebotomist to make a thousand percent sure I did not somehow contaminate my sample with male DNA, being I live in a house full of males.

gender boys

After that, you just stick the sample back in the mail and wait. And, thankfully, not for long. I chose the “fast track” option, so I got my results not even two days after shipping my sample back. My husband and I huddled over the computer while my sister and best friend waited on speaker phone.

I opened the email and clicked the little envelope. It opened and…

Then, the screaming…and perhaps a few tears. Both happy and some not-so-happy.

I was excited to get a real-life little reassurance at my 13-and-a-half-week appointment. I asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell the gender, and she said while it is still a little early to tell for certain, our baby is definitely looking like a girl!

genderNot the best picture of a 13.5-week baby, but it’s pretty much all I got.

Since doing SneakPeek, I cannot stop watching YouTube videos of other moms and their experiences. The whole process is super-fun (and—bonus—affordable)! It kind of makes me want to do the whole thing over again.

Would you try an early gender test?

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