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Worried about your water breaking in public? You'd be in good company

Worried about your water breaking in public? You'd be in good company


Laura Falin

posted in Pregnancy

I like to hear people tell their labor stories. Some are short — I have a friend who gave birth in her car on the side of the freeway, and another whose doctor told her if she had any more kids, she should rent an apartment next door to the hospital.

Some are long — I like to remind my own son that I spent 36  hours in labor, and actually worked the day before, breathing around contractions as I went about my job. The one constant among everyone’s stories is this: babies just don’t care. They don’t care when you think they should be there. They don’t care what else you’re doing at the time. If they feel like coming, they come on out…and if they don’t, They. Do. NOT.

when things don't go according to your birth plan

This New York news anchor learned that lesson last week — in the middle of her 11 p.m. newscast, she let out a surprised laugh…because her water broke, on-air. She finished her newscast like the pro she is, and promptly headed to the hospital to have a baby. Here in Colorado, a few years ago, radio DJ Kathie J. also had her water break while she was on the air doing her morning show:

There’s even a thread in this month’s BabyCenter Community Birth Club, started by a mom who tried to grab a bite to eat on her way to the hospital.

“So I was having strong contractions all night and this morning they were about 8 minutes apart so we headed towards the hospital which is 40 minutes away. We stopped at IHOP when my contractions were 5 minutes apart so I could eat before going in. It was only 3 miles from the hospital. Right after we ordered I felt liquid and knew it was happening. I started to cry out of embarrassment, LOL. I got up and ran outside. As soon as I stepped out the door it was like Niagra Falls. I was crying through the parking lot from all the emotions, LOL. I was almost certain it wouldn’t break in public, but I guess anything can happen ‍♀️”

My favorite responses were from the people who were very excited for her…but really wanted to know if she managed to get her food to go. I like how you guys think.

Just like no two babies are exactly the same — no two birth stories are, either. Congratulations to all of you, whether your births were private, or very, VERY public!

Did your water break? What happened?

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