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Our easy-as-pie Halloween pregnancy announcement


Kelly Wilbanks

posted in Pregnancy

Like all our best ideas, the way to announce our pregnancy came to us quickly, easily, and actually worked. We were thrilled to find out we were expecting. This news came on the heels of a loss so our joy and definitely our surprise was intense.

We didn’t even know we could become pregnant again so quickly. I’d had an hCG (human chorionic  gonadotropin) test the day before I left on an international business trip because I needed to make sure my miscarriage had completed its course.

My results came back not pregnant, which meant my hCG levels were between 0-5. We wanted my body to finish the miscarriage naturally, so this was good news. After having a miscarriage I wasn’t sure how “off” my cycle would be, so I waited, and waited, and waited for my period to come. Finally just to rule it out I took a pregnancy test.

When our baby was measured at our first prenatal appointment it was confirmed that I’d had a little stowaway with me on that trip. Her little life hadn’t even registered in my body yet before I left. We were excited to be leaving with our first ultrasound; our first tangible evidence that we going to be parents.

With a brand new ultrasound picture fresh off the presses we began immediately to plan how to share our news with friends and family. We wanted our reveal to be timely, relevant and an invitation for others to share in our joy.


Pumpkin in the oven

I honestly can’t remember who came up with this reveal idea. (It was six years ago.) We Googled some pumpkin-carving options; but, we are not expert pumpkin carvers.

So, we did the next best thing. We went to the closest Office Depot and had our ultrasound picture blown up and printed directly on overhead paper. You remember overhead paper? Back when there were overhead projector screens. Anyways, we used a clear sheet of paper to enhance our ultrasound photo.

The ultrasound didn’t render perfectly so my husband went over it with a Sharpie to make the picture more clear. Then we cut out a square on a nice, round pumpkin we had ready for carving. We put a candle inside and secured the ultrasound photo to the inside of the pumpkin with toothpicks.

My husband fashioned an arrow out of the square of pumpkin we’d already cut out and pointed it towards our baby with more toothpicks. Without the arrow I think it would have been difficult to figure out what we were announcing. I wrote “Trick or Baby?” and then we posted it, thrilled it had all come together so well.

I love seeing it come up every year around this time. 

Easy Pumpkin-Reveal How To:

  1. Take your ultrasound to an office supply store
  2. Have it blown up to fill a page
  3. Take a sharpie and fill in the areas where the image is less clear
  4. Cut the top off your pumpkin and clean out the insides
  5. Cut a square in the face of pumpkin
  6. Cut half the thickness from the inside of the pumpkin so there’s a larger square on the inside
  7. Cut out the image from the transparency paper the size of the larger inside square
  8. Pin the transparency in the frame with toothpicks in the four corners and along edges as necessary
  9. Cut out the arrow from the leftover pumpkin piece
  10. Use more toothpicks to pin the arrow
  11. Put in a candle and light it
  12. Take a pic and post on the internet

Are you planning a Halloween reveal?

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