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If you could choose your baby's birthdate, what would you choose?

If you could choose your baby's birthdate, what would you choose?


Sara McGinnis

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Monday’s child may be fair of face, but that’s got nothing to do with it being easy for partners to make it to the delivery room for baby’s arrival.

This is a truth I know all too well. I wish I were kidding, but when I called to tell my husband my water had broken on a Tuesday morning in late May his exact words were: “Wow. Ugh. This is really terrible timing.” As if I could just pop a cork in it and wait until the weekend!

In his defense, at that time he worked in a production job in an industry hectic in the summer. They were just beginning to ramp up to meet demand, and that morning he’d started a large run that couldn’t be stopped.

Nonetheless, nature called. Our second baby was on his way, and though I had sympathy for my husband’s tough spot I was at a loss. It’s not like I got to choose! I knew all too well time off was hard to come by, and this small company he’d just started at didn’t offer paternity leave.

Even today, 11 full years later, I feel a pang of envy when I hear about fathers who are able to take time away from work when their children are born. I would have so very much loved to have more than two days (my husband ended up taking that Tuesday-Thursday off, before working Friday and Saturday…then returning to a regular work week) together.

lifting toddlers while pregnant

Two-and-a-half stressful days, him feeling torn between responsibilities, was all we got.

If I could have chosen when to go into labor I’d have aimed for mid-day on a Thursday with hopes for a long weekend together.

I’m sorry to say I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

BabyCenter Community member Billie09101317 recently posted about the struggle, sharing: “I am due October 12 and want to have my LO (little one) on a Friday night to make things easier with DH’s work and so my older children can spend the weekend bonding with the baby before going back to school Monday.”

My heart aches for her. It’s as if one moment we have visions of ethereal births and bonding for a period of time, and on the other there’s real-life shit to be scheduled.

Of course, there are other things (such as holidays) to take into consideration when crossing your fingers for labor day timing. A peek at what others have had to say…

rileykatee: November 2nd, so that I can take my DD (dear daughter) trick or treating on the 31st and can spend the 1st taking down the Halloween decorations.

Maddieorsam: I’m hoping she comes the Thursday before my due date due Sunday Oct 29. That way SO (significant other) will have his original weekend off so won’t have to worry about missing work any

mahd5978: I want to have her on October 7 because I’m weird and think there’s no way I could mess up remembering oct 7, 2017. The same view of 10/10/17… written so nicely.

I want to avoid Friday the 13th as much as possible.

Newborn with mom

Audriena10: I’m due Sunday, October 1st. I’d like to have her on a Wednesday, so that way the two days that I’m in the hospital my kids will be in school, then we can come home and bond over the weekend.

Rozem1sl: I’m due 10/10. I love how nice 10/10 looks together but if I could pick I’d say 10/13. I’m off Fridays. I would have someone able to take my kids overnight without having to get my oldest off to school. My sister could come home from school and help with my dog so DH (dear husband) could stay at the hospital with me and LO.

But I know babies come on their terms.

beckylynnb: I hope I go into labor on the 17th. I’m teaching my last piano lessons on the 16th before taking a short break. Due date is the 23rd. My mom could also come help during her fall break (she’s a teacher) which starts the 19th. This would mean I would be out of the hospital and at home with her helping for a few days. It would be so perfect! But, I’m not sure it will really work out that way.

For what it’s worth, my mother had the choice of a 2-3 day span to schedule her second c-section in. She opted to have me on the 29th, to make my brother and I both born on the same date. Although we’re in separate months, I will say I’ve never forgotten what day his birthday is!

IF you could choose, when would you want your baby to arrive and why?

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